X-SCAPES:10th Linguistic Landscape Workshop

Registration deadline

In marking the 10th anniversary gathering, the 2018 workshop is being organized under the theme of X-SCAPES as a deliberately and pointedly non-thematic theme. We thereby invite participants (old and new) to reconsider and re-imagine the field’s methodologies and intellectual priorities for the next ten years.

X = the number ten
X = numeric and alphabetic
X = semiotic and embodied
X = ancient and futuristic
X = unknowable and mysterious
X marks the spot

With this in mind, we invite you to submit your abstract (with keywords) no later than Friday 01 December 2017. Please be assured that this is an absolute deadline and there will be no last-minute extensions.

Your abstract should be no more than 350 words, including references but not including the title. We recommend that you follow these general principles:

- your theoretical framework or core literature is made explicit;
- you give at least two or three citations with full references;
- your data/evidence and analytical/interpretive process is clearly stated;
- you offer five or six keywords.

Your abstracts will be reviewed by our scientific committee (listed on the website under "Organizers"), and we expect to confirm acceptance no later than mid-January.

At the University of Bern: Crispin Thurlow, Maida Bilkic, Nina Richard, Sabrina Subašić; at the University of Oslo: Kellie Gonçalves
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