“The Political Economy and Political Discourse”

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“The Political Economy and Political Discourse”

Discourse studies on power, political identity and social struggles investigate how conflicts, hegemonies and ideologies are formed in certain arenas between the state, media, the economy and expert institutions. As the current crises at the European Union and the nation state project shows, identity construction, knowledge production, the role of visuals and power relations are more and more formed in heterogeneous institutional and social settings at the interface of the global and the local. The panel will collect research projects form economic sociology, cultural theory, political science, poststructuralism and media studies in order to bring into dialogue scholars from different angles of empirical research and discourse analytical approaches.

Abstracts: 100-150 words

Deadline: 10 January 2017

Confirmed speaker: Jan Krasni (Belgrad), Jan Zienkowski (Pamplona), Jens Maesse (Giessen), Simon Tunderman (Bremen)

Jens Maesse et al.
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Jens Maesse