The 29th Annual EAEPE Conference 2017 “The role of the State in Economic Development State Capacity, State Autonomy and Economic Development“

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Call for Papers of the EAEPE Research Area J on
“Monetary Economics, Finance and Financial Institutions”

This research area provides a pluralistic and interdisciplinary forum for the analysis of financial markets and their role in economy, culture and society. With respect to the general theme of the 2017 EAEPE Annual conference, this research area wants to address the capacities of the state for governing financial institutions and its (new) role in the context of the contemporary transnational financial system. Thus, we are calling for contributions which discuss driving forces like technological, financial or regulatory innovations which challenge, undermine or support the governability of financial affairs. In this respect and to enrich our theoretical and policy vocabulary, this Research Area wants to explore (but is by no means limited) to the following questions:

- How do present-day political movements affect financial affairs? What challenges are thereby posed to financial institutions and their business models?
- What are the new tools and epistemic frameworks of central banks? How do these innovations change the financial system?
- How did the emergence and growing importance of state-owned financial institutions and affect the stability of financial markets?

- How do different jurisdictional environments influence the profitability of financial institutions?
- What effects have strategies of tax fraud and tax avoidance on the systemic structure of finance?
- How do large asset holders like institutional investors affect public decision making and societal structures?

- How does digitalization disrupt the traditional financial industry and what effects does this have on financial stability?
- How can regulatory bodies adapt to the accelerated and automated practices of financial exchange?
- To which extent may artificial intelligence help to make the international financial architecture more (in)stable?

We welcome submissions of individual papers or panels. Panel submissions are thought to contain 4 to 5 contributions, chair and discussant. Paper abstracts (300-750 words) should include the name(s), email address, affiliation of the authors, along with the name and code of this Research Area. Submissions should be handed in via the EAEPE website (

Abstract submission deadline is May 15, 2017. Notification of acceptance will be sent out on June 15, 2017. For further questions please write to the coordinators of this Research Area: Benjamin Wilhelm ( or Ian Crowther (

Oliver Kessler, Anastasia Nesvetailova, Ian Crowther, Benjamin Wilhelm
Contact person
Benjamin Wilhelm